MTC Wins $22 Million Contract To Support Egyptian Workforce

Jane MarqaurdtThis past fall, the United States Agency for International Development awarded Management & Training Corporation (MTC) with a contract to provide expertise in such spaces as technical training, capacity building, and education to the Egyptian workforce. The in-depth and involved procurement process spanned approximately eight months, beginning at the solicitation notice and coming to a close on October 26, once the contract award was announced. Officially dubbed “Workforce Improvement and Skill Enhancement,” or “WISE,” the project is geared towards empowering Egypt’s dedicated workers to achieving enhanced professional success.

WISE will be the first project in Egypt for Management & Training Corp. to oversee as the lead private firm. However, MTC’s presence in the country has included previous work with organizations like the International Business & Technical Consultants Inc.

Management & Training Corp., along with other bidders who competed for the contract, proposed a fixed fee that would cover the cost of delivering results while meeting all the program objectives. That fee might be subject to change once the work gets underway, but, as things stand, the contract is valued at around $22 million over a three-year stretch of time. Barring any unforeseen changes, that timeline is anticipated to stay in place. However, there are provisions for some flexibility in terms of funding and time expectations pending project performance and financial resource availability.

Key stakeholders in this partnership whose participation is absolutely critical to accomplishing the desired end goals include Egyptian staff, local Egyptian community members, the chief of party, technical leads, and expatriate advisers.

USAID has been active in Egypt of over four decades, providing resource and support to the nation as it works towards establishing itself as a market-oriented economy. This evolution has involved some thorough and arduous changes, including improving its tax system, revisiting Egypt’s trade practices, and strategizing the best ways to grow the country’s public revenue. A part of this push has therefore been to cultivate and encourage entrepreneurship, particularly via technical assistance. As a result, nearly 150 companies have blossomed in Egypt, expanding available job opportunities considerably in the process. Additionally, USAID has optimized and modernized 17 vocational training centers in a handful of governorates across the nation.  These facilities work to prepare Egyptian workers to more find and excel in the private sector.

The WISE project is part of a larger effort under an umbrella program dubbed the Trade and Investment Promotion in Egypt (also funded by USAID). Although it is presently in its pre-solicitation phase, the promotion will seek to further tackle workforce development challenges in Egypt’s manufacturing and services industries.

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