Jane Marquardt Speaks at Job Corps Graduation

Job Corps is an education and training program, free of charge, offered to young people looking to earn their GED or high school diploma, or looking to learn skills necessary to be successful in the workplace. Management & Training Corporation (MTC) has long had a partnership with Job Corps in helping these young people succeed in the program and in the years after they leave. For over 30 years, MTC has operated 18 Job Corps centers, and partnered to assist in operating others. In the last year, more than 4,000 students have earned their high school diploma, GED, or an equivalency; more than 7,600 students have been placed in quality jobs, gone on to higher education, or joined the military. Additionally, students and staff at Job Corps centers nation-wide contributed over 75,000 hours of community service and raised nearly $25,000 for local charities.

Recently, Jane Marquardt, Vice Chair at MTC, had the honor of delivering the keynote address to the graduating class at the Hubert H. Humphrey Job Corps Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. It was a day filled with hope, a sense of accomplishment, and happy tears. Jane’s message focused on telling the students to be the best they can be and know that their struggles are the key to their future success. She went on to add each one of the graduates has a unique story with their own struggles, and that they all have gifts to offer the world. More can be found in the video below: