Economic & Social Development Division Officially Launches Egypt Project

Jane in Egypt

Last fall, MTC was awarded a $22 million contract to support the growth and development of the Egyptian workforce. Earlier this month, MTC was excited to launch the Workforce Improvement and Skills Enhancement (WISE) program in Cairo Egypt.

By working directly with Egypt’s Ministry of Technical and Vocational Education and Training, MTC is implementing USAID’s WISE project to build a skilled workforce. The project seeks to upgrade Egypt’s technical and vocational education and training systems, further develop connections between employers and training centers, and create structures for economic development. The goal is by creating a more educated and skilled workforce, the nation will increase its productivity and reduce poverty.

The event was held in Cairo and involved more than 180 participants, including dignitaries from the Egyptian government, USAID, WISE project staff, and MTC. Several Egyptian leaders thanked the U.S. for its commitment to the strategic partnership and emphasized that improved education is an important element of national security.

Greg Niblett, MTC’s Vice President, Chief of Party Jeffrey Tines, and Deputy Chief of Party Mohamed Fawzy addressed the conference. They laid out the specific ways in which MTC will assist in upgrading technical education to a competency-based system to meet the needs of the job market, benefit the students, and support the private sector. Jane Marquardt, MTC’s Vice Chair, Diane Crosby and Jane Gindin also attended the event.