Employment Is The Key

The Idaho Correctional Alternative Placement Program, or Idaho CAPP, recently held a job fair at their facility in Kuna, Idaho.  Efrin Scott, staff member, organized the event.

Scott says, “The inmate job fair is about helping the inmates here at the Idaho CAPP facility to re-engage back into society and kind of give them a leg up with trying to get employed.”

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MTC’s Taft Facility Brings Opportunity Through Education

Maria Fernanda Camara from the Mexican Consulate recently presented the names of graduates at MTC’s Taft Facility.

“It’s giving our fellow citizens other opportunities. It’s to help them understand the benefits of obtaining their primary or secondary education.” – Maria Fernanda Camara

 The INEA program (the equivalent of the American GED) has come about thanks to the cooperation of the Mexican Consulate and the Taft Facility.

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Update on MTC’s Work in Egypt

MTC Vice Chair Jane Marquardt provided an update on MTC’s successful USAID project in Egypt:

MTC is excited to announce that our Economic & Social Development division’s project in Egypt has been extended for another year. We’ve been working in Egypt under a [United States Agency for International Development] USAID project since the fall of 2015. It’s called WISE, or Workforce Improvement and Skills Enhancement. So, we currently have about 70 employees located in Egypt, our main office is in Cairo, and we are working in 11 different places throughout the country.

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MTC’s Egypt Project Extended until October 2019

MTC’s workforce improvement project in Egypt has been extended until October 2019.

It’s been a highly successful project,” adds MTC Vice Chair Jane Marquardt. “In fact, earlier this year, a third party evaluated the WISE project and MTC’s efforts to enhance workforce programs within Egypt, and the evaluation results were outstanding. We have very talented and capable staff who are making a real difference in the lives of so many people.”

The Workforce Improvement and Skill Enhancement (WISE) project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), began in 2015 and due to strong performance has been extended through October 2019.

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MTC Wins $22 Million Contract To Support Egyptian Workforce

Jane MarqaurdtThis past fall, the United States Agency for International Development awarded Management & Training Corporation (MTC) with a contract to provide expertise in such spaces as technical training, capacity building, and education to the Egyptian workforce. The in-depth and involved procurement process spanned approximately eight months, beginning at the solicitation notice and coming to a close on October 26, once the contract award was announced. Officially dubbed “Workforce Improvement and Skill Enhancement,” or “WISE,” the project is geared towards empowering Egypt’s dedicated workers to achieving enhanced professional success.

WISE will be the first project in Egypt for Management & Training Corp. to oversee as the lead private firm. However, MTC’s presence in the country has included previous work with organizations like the International Business & Technical Consultants Inc.

Management & Training Corp., along with other bidders who competed for the contract, proposed a fixed fee that would cover the cost of delivering results while meeting all the program objectives. That fee might be subject to change once the work gets underway, but, as things stand, the contract is valued at around $22 million over a three-year stretch of time. Barring any unforeseen changes, that timeline is anticipated to stay in place. However, there are provisions for some flexibility in terms of funding and time expectations pending project performance and financial resource availability.

Key stakeholders in this partnership whose participation is absolutely critical to accomplishing the desired end goals include Egyptian staff, local Egyptian community members, the chief of party, technical leads, and expatriate advisers.

USAID has been active in Egypt of over four decades, providing resource and support to the nation as it works towards establishing itself as a market-oriented economy. This evolution has involved some thorough and arduous changes, including improving its tax system, revisiting Egypt’s trade practices, and strategizing the best ways to grow the country’s public revenue. A part of this push has therefore been to cultivate and encourage entrepreneurship, particularly via technical assistance. As a result, nearly 150 companies have blossomed in Egypt, expanding available job opportunities considerably in the process. Additionally, USAID has optimized and modernized 17 vocational training centers in a handful of governorates across the nation.  These facilities work to prepare Egyptian workers to more find and excel in the private sector.

The WISE project is part of a larger effort under an umbrella program dubbed the Trade and Investment Promotion in Egypt (also funded by USAID). Although it is presently in its pre-solicitation phase, the promotion will seek to further tackle workforce development challenges in Egypt’s manufacturing and services industries.

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Jane Marquardt Featured in the Huffington Post

The last few decades have been nothing short of tumultuous for the LGBT community. Although public support for equal rights and full civil participation for all American citizens (regardless of sexual orientation or identity) has consistently swelled in recent years, legislation to reflect that reality was dramatically slow to arrive and, for a long time, seemed uncertain. The Supreme Court decision this year to confirm the Constitutional rights and legal legitimacy of same-sex unions was an enormous victory for justice that was centuries in the making. Jane Marquardt was recently featured in the Huffington Post where she was fortunate enough to speak on her experiences with marriage. Her story brings life to the ups and downs of the legal battles that raged throughout our nation over the last few decades and provides a personal context for how meaningful reaching this point of progress truly is. Read Jane’s full story, in her own words, on the Huffington Post.

Extraordinary Talent in Remarkable Circumstances

jane marquardt

Mathis Hearn, artist

The definition of extraordinary is extremely good or impressive, which is an appropriate description of the talent displayed by Mathis Hearns, an offender serving the last six months of his sentence at the Kyle Correctional Center.  The Kyle Correctional Center is located in Kyle Texas and is a drug treatment facility that houses offenders from all over the state.  The facility is operated by Management & Training Corp. (MTC) for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ).

Offender Hearns came to this facility and quickly stood out among his peers with his talent for art.  The portrait above was an assignment given to Hearns to accomplish, which he did in mere hours.  He was tasked with rendering a pencil drawing of the founder of MTC, Dr. Bob Marquardt, for display in the lobby area.

Jane Marquardt

Warden Deanna Branham with Jane Marquardt, the Vice Chair and daughter of the late Dr. Bob Marquardt.

When interviewed about his abilities and aspirations in life, Hearns admitted to having his talents realized at a young age.  When he was in junior high school, he won several art contests at local rodeos.  He was unable to fulfill his destiny though, when at the age of 16, his mother passed away.  Hearns dropped out of school in the 10th grade and quickly turned to a life of crime to help support his older and younger sisters.  Hearns tried to get his life back on track by entering an art institute for photography but was unsuccessful in removing himself from his former activities.  He was arrested and is now completing his sentence at the drug treatment program.

Mathis Hearns is now 21 years old and will be returning to society after his completion of this program.  When asked what inspiration or words of encouragement he could give to someone, he merely said “think before you act”.  Many can learn from these simple words to realize that every action creates a reaction and has lasting results.  Our only hope is that Mr. Hearns has learned from his mistakes and will go back into society and build upon his extraordinary talents.  He has been given a second chance by receiving the treatment he needs at the Kyle Correctional Center by dedicated staff members that work to improve offenders academic, technical and social skills to become more employable and productive citizens.

Job Corps Celebrates 50 Years

jane-marquardt-job-corpsOn April 21, Job Corps celebrated 50 years of educating and training disadvantaged youth with a ceremonial dinner in Washington, D.C.

Job Corps facilitates collaboration between public offices and private-sector employers to create and cultivate opportunities for young people from underprivileged, underserved communities. Through an emphasis on building job skills and credentials, Job Corps has empowered and benefited over 3 million Americans. Its most effective tools over the last five decades include comprehensive residential, academic, and career preparation programs.

In recognition of Job Corps’ enduring success over the last half-century, students, staff, employers, community stakeholders, and supporters like U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez were in attendance for the evening at the Mellon Auditorium in the nation’s capital. The National Job Corps Association’s Foundation for Youth Opportunities hosted the event.

The celebration honored ten hand-picked Job Corps Graduate Heroes from all over the country, unique in their inspiring tales of courage and determination. Local Job Corps students displayed to the attendees especially crafted building blocks which creatively illustrate how participation in the program is building a brighter future for the United States and supporting so many people in realizing their potential. The night even showcased a 1965 Mustang that had been refurbished by Job Corps students, symbolic of the program’s timelessness as a classic and irreplaceable policy.

Established in 1964 as a facet of the Economic Opportunity Act, Job Corps was a critical apparatus in President Lyndon B. Johnson’s suite of “Great Society” programs. He designed this legislation to battle the pervasiveness of poverty and inequality in the United States. It is rooted in the belief that regardless of the conditions into which a citizen is born, whether they be geographic, economic, or racial, everyone deserves a fair opportunity to work hard and prosper.

The celebration underscored the remarkable history of Job Corps and its role in transforming the social and economic landscape of the impoverished communities, as well as the lives of the young people therein. A number of corporate partners contributed to make the night possible. These included MTC (Management & Training Corporation), Fluor, Dynamic Educational Systems Inc., Education & Training Resources, MINACT Incorporated, Odle Management Group, Horizons Youth Services, Penn Foster, Exceed Corporation, American Business Corporation, Chugach, Texas Educational Foundation Inc., and  Education Management Corporation.