Employment Is The Key

The Idaho Correctional Alternative Placement Program, or Idaho CAPP, recently held a job fair at their facility in Kuna, Idaho.  Efrin Scott, staff member, organized the event.

Scott says, “The inmate job fair is about helping the inmates here at the Idaho CAPP facility to re-engage back into society and kind of give them a leg up with trying to get employed.”

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Graduates Stand Tall After Hard Work

At the Otero County Prison Facility in New Mexico, a group of hard working men and women recently obtained their graduation through a GED program.

Some like Marcela Still found a new purpose while in the facility.

Marcela teared up thinking about her mother and what the graduation has meant to her: “My mom was even in shock…at least I gave her a [reason] for her to feel better about me.”

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Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit

Recently I traveled to Silver Spring, Maryland to participate in the “Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit”. Organized by Making Cents International, 500 attendees from 16 countries attended the event. I was happy to help Management & Training Corporation (MTC) (www.mtctrains.com) play a role in the conference, both though participation on panels and through sponsoring the event.

Several MTC team members spoke about what kind of challenges and opportunities entering the workforce presents for young people at this time.  Speakers included Greg Niblett, the Vice President of MTC’s Economic & Social Development division, Bonnie Barhyte, Director of Programs, Diane Crosby, Director of Program Development, Mina Kamal, Career Guidance Advisor, Egypt Workforce Improvement & Skills Enhancement (WISE) project, Cairo, and Kamira Noreldin, National Project Officer with the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Egypt and also formerly with MTC’s Egypt WISE project.

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MTC’s Taft Facility Brings Opportunity Through Education

Maria Fernanda Camara from the Mexican Consulate recently presented the names of graduates at MTC’s Taft Facility.

“It’s giving our fellow citizens other opportunities. It’s to help them understand the benefits of obtaining their primary or secondary education.” – Maria Fernanda Camara

 The INEA program (the equivalent of the American GED) has come about thanks to the cooperation of the Mexican Consulate and the Taft Facility.

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Washington Examiner Op-Ed Praises MTC’s Commitment to Rehabilitation

An Op-Ed by Michael Santos ran in the Washington Examiner yesterday.  In the Op-Ed, Michael describes how many correctional facilities do not give the incarcerated a path to improve themselves and to be successful after release. However, MTC was a contrast:

For instance, earlier this year, I toured correctional facilities in Texas run by a company called Management & Training Corporation. The opportunities and programming afforded to people incarcerated there were highly impressive. It gave me hope that other facilities, privately and publicly run, might follow their lead. The re-entry program there teaches personal development and business principles and links local business leaders to inmates as mentors and advisers. These are exactly the kinds of programs that can help empower inmates to change their own lives and prevent recidivism.

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Update on MTC’s Work in Egypt

MTC Vice Chair Jane Marquardt provided an update on MTC’s successful USAID project in Egypt:

MTC is excited to announce that our Economic & Social Development division’s project in Egypt has been extended for another year. We’ve been working in Egypt under a [United States Agency for International Development] USAID project since the fall of 2015. It’s called WISE, or Workforce Improvement and Skills Enhancement. So, we currently have about 70 employees located in Egypt, our main office is in Cairo, and we are working in 11 different places throughout the country.

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MTC’s Egypt Project Extended until October 2019

MTC’s workforce improvement project in Egypt has been extended until October 2019.

It’s been a highly successful project,” adds MTC Vice Chair Jane Marquardt. “In fact, earlier this year, a third party evaluated the WISE project and MTC’s efforts to enhance workforce programs within Egypt, and the evaluation results were outstanding. We have very talented and capable staff who are making a real difference in the lives of so many people.”

The Workforce Improvement and Skill Enhancement (WISE) project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), began in 2015 and due to strong performance has been extended through October 2019.

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